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Electric Fireplaces can Make any room look great

Posted on August 20, 2017 in home decor


An Electric Fireplace Can Add Wonderful Ambiance To Any Room

An electric fireplace is simply an electric heater that has the ability to mimics the look and function of a fireplace that burns wood, coal or natural gas. People often place electric fireplaces inside of conventional fireplaces. Electric fireplaces plug into a wall socket and can be used on two different settings, either ‘flame only’ or as a heater. They can generally be used to heat a room of up to 400 square feet in size. Invented in 1912, it wasn’t until the 1950s that electric heaters became popular. The technique to create the ‘flame effect’ has been available since about 1981.

electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces that create an effect that looks like a real wood burning flame first appeared in about 1995. In 2008 units that simulate both flames as well as smoke began being offered. Units with realistic looking flickering flames, three dimensional LED logs and the sound of crackling logs began to appear in 2013. Electric fireplaces offer some advantages over traditional fireplaces. They are portable, don’t require chimneys, are easy to install, require very little maintenance and are more economical, safer and more convenient to use than gas or wood burning fireplaces.


An electric fireplace can create a wonderful atmosphere without much work. They offer an excellent alternative to traditional fireplaces. The electrical systems come in a variety of styles. However, most use mylar, mirrors and LED lights in order to look like a flame. They are sometimes combined with fake fireplace logs made of rock, wood or metal. Most simply need a power outlet. This makes them ideal for high-rise apartments, condos and other places where it isn’t possible to install a traditional fireplace. Luxury Condos are using electric fireplaces more and more. Plus they don’t emit any harmful fumes or require venting.


Many people also like electric fireplaces because they don’t use combustible fuels, don’t corrode, and their parts degrade very slowly, so they can last for many years without needing maintenance or repairs. Most people can install them without the help of professionals unless the fireplaces are part of an elaborate display that requires the work of a carpenter or an electrician to take care of the details. Some choose electric fireplaces which don’t provide much heat and are simply for decoration. Those units emit about 5,000 BTUs or less and won’t give off much light either. However, they cost less than $2,00 for 8 hours of operation.


If you are looking for a unique decorative element there are a wide variety of shapes and sizes of electric fireplaces from which you can choose. There are sleek modern designs as well as wood-look models. Some of them can be built in while others are hung from a wall or placed inside a cabinet. For many electrical fireplaces create as much charm as a brick fireplace mantel and they can be the perfect place to display family photos. The electrical fireplaces have become so popular not only are they found at specialty hearth retailers, but big-box stores carry them as well at very affordable prices.